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Tests and Their Value

August 15, 2011

 Tests and Their Value

Teacher in Kuwait

 May 2009


I think that I started to change my mind about the efficiency of tests. Although I used to strongly believe that high-stake tests is the best way to check  a students’ understanding to make sure that he is doing his work. But through this course, we knew since the beginning that we will not have a test and still all of us are doing our work efficiently. Moreover,  we are really attentive to the presentations of each other. We also discuss our topics extensively in class. We also research each others topics because we are interested.  The most important thing is that we do our work efficiently but we are still relaxed because we know that we will not have a test. I assure you that the amount of knowledge and learning that happened in this class is so much more than what happened in other class in which tests.



December 18, 2009

7th Sep. 2005
Behhar XXXXXXX Casablanca, Morocco
1. The aims of foreign language education: Our Mission
o We believe that t teaching foreign languages is a means of
contribution to the overall development of our community.
o We believe that foreign language teaching is a ground for
character development, inter-cultural awareness and
2. The image of the foreign language learner
o We believe that the human being is endowed with a faculty
of learning languages provided that s/he is sufficiently
exposed to a linguistic environment
o We believe that a language classroom can provide such
linguistic exposure
o We believe that language learners learn a language in many
different styles
o We believe that learning a language is a cognitive, affective
3. The image of the foreign language curriculum
o We believe the curriculum has to authentically reflect the
paramount function of language: Communication in its both
forms, written & oral.
o We believe that the curriculum has to go beyond merely
exposing learners to communicative functions to relating
those functions to the socio-cultural background of the
4. The image of the foreign language teacher
o We believe that the basic role of the teacher is to facilitate
o We believe that effective facilitation creates the desirable
linguistic environment allowing effective learning to take
o We believe that the foreign language teacher is called upon
to play the role of a cultural mediator to bridge the gap
between the culture of the targeted language and the
culture of the learners’ native language(s)
5. Our foreign language pedagogy
o We adopt the Communicative Approach to teaching foreign
languages as a general framework
o To maximize opportunities for exposure to learner-centered
communication, we opt for a task-based approach to lesson
planning and instruction.
o We believe that engaging learners in Collaborative Learning
is crucial in creating a linguistic environment that reflects
the kind of interaction that characterizes the natural
linguistic environment.
o Because we believe that assessment is an integral part of
learning, we opt for project and portfolio assessment
besides the traditional assessment consisting of placement
tests, review tests, achievement tests.
6. The goal of supervision
o We believe that the goal of supervision is two-dimensional:
First, supervision is to enhance quality learning by
continuously checking learners’ progress. Second,
supervision aims at engaging teachers in professional
development, and collegial exchange
7. Our process of supervision
o We believe in the clinical supervision. The supervisor is
basically a colleague who is concerned to create among
teachers a mutual support system that enhances quality
teaching, collegial interaction, and professional growth.
8. Our school climate and culture
o We believe in shared decision-making because we believe
that “those who are to be affected by decisions ought to
be involved in making, implementing, and being held
accountable for decisions made.”
o Warmth and support characterizes our school climate
because we believe that this quality is vital in creating a
favorable learning community
o Our professionalism springs from our commitment to our
mission and educational platform.
o Our teachers share and foster our educational platform and
are professionally responsible for respecting its tenets.